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25L 50L 5 gallon plastic bucket mould Factory

Product Details

Mould Cavity 1 cavity or multi-cavity
Mould Main Material Cavity - P20/1.2738/718 ; Core - P20/1.2738/718
Mould Ejection System Hydraulic cylinders ( European Vega brand )
Mould Cycle Time 45 Seconds
Delivery Time 45 days
Mould Features We use high quality Imported steel material, sequential hot runner system and best cooling system to make a high standard bucket mould.
About Us
Mold Design And Manufacturing
Taizhou Huangyan Yuanfang Mould Co., Ltd.25L 50L 5 gallon plastic bucket mold maker and 25L 50L 5 gallon plastic bucket mould factory in China. It mainly produces automobile battery shell moulds, auto parts moulds, daily necessities moulds, household appliances plastic moulds and various pipe fitting moulds. The company's latest introduction of Italian five-axis high-speed milling and Japan Sodick spark machine is capable of providing high-precision and OEM molds for company customers. 25L 50L 5 gallon plastic bucket mould design & manufacturing direct from our plastic injection mould factory.
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